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VacDaddy hard at work, cleaning your pool!

The VacDaddy Pool Vacuum

Just Vac It™

Vacuuming a Pool Made Easy

Matthew D’Aguanno talks about the VacDaddy

Introduction to your VacDaddy

Introducing The VacDaddy!

The VacDaddy for Pool Professionals

V2W Van Brunt Short

VacDaddy – Introducing V2W (Vac to Waste)

The Adaptor won’t fit my vac head

What is the filter skirt?

Why we don’t like batteries

Should I use the mesh or the felt bag?

How can I keep from rippling the surface?

Care for your floating cable

I want it lower on the pole

How do I get started?

My vinyl vac head sticks to the floor

VacDaddy feels heavy on the pole

Who’s your Daddy?

This is what 55 gallons per minute looks like!

Adventures of The VacDaddy

The Pool Vac Dating App

The VacDaddy. You can’t handle the truth!

Pool Cleaning So Easy, Kids Can Do It With The VacDaddy™

Remote Switch Add-On for The VacDaddy

Our adaptor pole is a game changer

Remote Switch Add-On for The VacDaddy

Here’s why hotel/property manager swear by the VacDaddy!