Connector Bundle

New, New, New – You Asked, We Listened

Here at The VacDaddy, we are always trying to improve.  We hear your ideas and suggestions (and we have a few of our own) and we work to introduce these ideas into our products and constantly make The VacDaddy and your pool cleaning experience even better.

In summmer of 2021, we adopted the Primate Carbon Fiber Adapter pole and (early ’22) the Skim Lite Aluminum Adapter pole to help speed up the process of mounting the VacDaddy (only once) instead of for every pool.

In the fall of 2021, we realized that our VacDaddy just works better (feels better) with a rigid vac head handle (non-swivel) handle and it takes away all sensation of the VacDaddy having extra weight on the pole.  That changed things dramatically.

We launched the V2W (Vacuum To Waste) in spring of 2022 and that really put us in a category all on our own (no other portable vacuum system in the world allows you to Vacuum To Waste).

By summer of 2022 we introduced the remote on/off switch which is a really handy little gadget to have.

Fall of ’22 saw the introduction of the VacCaddy.  This durable, wheeled, carry bag is a game-changer as well.  Keep all of your equipment in one place and easily transport it to poolside for each job.

Spring of 2023 we introduced our Bundles and that makes life soooo much simpler.

Summer of ’23?  The Shallow Water Adapter.  As long as you have 8″ of water in which to place the VacDaddy, you can vacuum in a traditional way, to as little as 1-2″ of water.  Crazy!!!

Then came the fall of 2023  . . . and that’s really what this post is all about.


Take a look at our new transformer.  Manufactured in the USA, this baby is now 110v/220v and allows us to be used worldwide.  But that’s only part of the story.  Check out the dimmer switch on our new transformer.  If you think that 60 gpm is a little much, back it off just a tad with our fully variable speed (and by fully, we mean that you can dial it back from 100% to 99% to 98% all the way down to 0%.  So unlimited variable speeds.  This is a great change that you asked for and we have delivered.  Along with the new transformer comes a new male-end connector which connects the power cord to the transformer.  Easy on, easy off with a simple click, saves time over our previous connector – always improving.

And lastly, new larger filter bags.  Our new Mesh (200 microns), Felt (75 microns) and Leaf (2000 microns for vac to waste) filter bags now have 60% more material and 108% more volume.  That’s twice the amount of debris which will fit in the bag saving time by having to empty the bag less.


You asked!  We listened.  We continue to listen.  Stay tuned for more changes coming up in 2023 as the VacDaddy continues improving and working hard to help you work easier!