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Benefits of Using a Portable Pool Vacuum Cleaner for the Pool Owner

Pools can be a sanctuary when the temperatures start to rise, but can collect grime and other dirt with use. A portable pool vacuum cleaner can make cleaning much easier and ensure your pool is efficiently cleaned. Let’s explore the benefits of using a portable pool vacuum cleaner for your home pool and why The VacDaddy is the leading portable pool vacuum cleaner many homeowners turn to when their pool needs thorough cleaning! 

What Is a Portable Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

A portable pool vacuum cleaner is a smaller pool cleaner which applies suction through a vacuum head for cleaning the pool floor. Portable pool vacuum cleaners are appealing to many homeowners because they are much lighter than robot or other automatic pool cleaners. And they are lighter and easier to use than the complicated commercial cleaners used by pool pros. 

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Having a pool can be fun and relaxing and can definitely cool things down during summer days, but constant cleaning can be a headache. Your portable pool vacuum can make this process easier and bring new life to your pool plus there are other additional benefits as well.  All portable pool vacuums are not the same. In addition to price, you’ll want to consider the power supply (ie. batteries vs. power outlet), suction, weight, filter capacity, particle filtration, and other factors. 

How Can I Benefit From Using a Portable Pool Vacuum in My Home Pool?

Quite a few benefits come with using a portable pool vacuum for your swimming pool. Some reasons why many homeowners are turning to portable pool vacuums for their homes include: 

Easier to Use

A portable pool vacuum is often easier to use than other pool cleaners on the market. With handheld portable pool vacuums, you don’t have to worry about a complicated installation process like you would with an automatic pool cleaner. 

Because portable cleaners are easier to use, pool owners may be prone to more frequently cleaning their pools. This will ensure the pool water is sparkling clean and help prevent algae, debris, and grime buildup.  

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No Strain on You

You want a pool cleaner that won’t require heavy lifting. Some pool vacuum cleaners can be heavy and clunky, putting an additional strain on the pool owners when it’s time to clean. Portable pool vacuum cleaners are more lightweight than other robot or automatic pool cleaners.

The VacDaddy is a 10-pound portable pool vacuum that packs a punch when it comes to cleaning. Though this pool cleaner is light on the hands, its strong suction and large filter enable it to collect a lot of grime and debris before needing to be emptied. Not to mention, you won’t have to break a sweat cleaning out the filter bag when the job is done. The VacDaddy filter bag can be cleaned in under a minute!

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More Thorough, Rigorous Cleaning 

Swimming pools are notorious for collecting debris and dirt in just a few days. An unclean pool may cause more frequent clogging of the pool’s drain or filter. Algae can develop and turn the pool water into a mucky green.

Pool water needs to be constantly recirculated to prevent grime. However, there are not many portable pool vacuum cleaners that can provide a thorough enough cleaning. Tests have shown the VacDaddy can have more powerful suction than its counterparts. The VacDaddy has a larger motor which can move 60 gallons of water per minute, versus the 15-20 gpm which most other portable vacuums move. Unlike nearly every other portable cleaner on the market, the VacDaddy plugs into your wall outlet providing a constant power supply.

Lower Energy Consumption (Depending on the Brand)

Many portable pool vacuum cleaners are battery-powered, which can cause them to constantly run out of power, requiring extra batteries or frequent recharging, slowing down the cleaning process. 

The VacDaddy is the only portable pool vacuum cleaner that is not battery-powered.  This means more power to the motor, stronger suction, faster cleaning and never recharging another battery. The VacDaddy is a top-choice pool cleaner due to its speed, larger filter, and stronger, faster suction power.  

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What Happens if I Don’t Clean My Pool Properly? 

Many homeowners may not realize that a clean pool is a big deal. Failing to clean a pool properly can kick off a number of problems, such as:

  • Clogs and blockages in the pool drains (which require extra maintenance) 
  • Strain on the pool’s filtration system, causing breakdowns and expensive repairs.

There are several reasons why a clean pool is a better pool. Having a portable pool vacuum cleaner can ensure every inch of your pool is clean, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

What Vacuums Are the Pool Professionals Using?

When it comes to pool cleaning, you want to follow what the professionals are doing. All expert pool cleaners make sure to vacuum the pool and get rid of any debris and buildup that can affect the water’s appearance. This is a vital step in the pool cleaning process. 

What’s the best option for a portable pool vacuum cleaner? The VacDaddy is a one-of-a-kind portable pool vacuum cleaner that doesn’t depend on batteries. This powerful pool vacuum is faster and stronger than other pool vacuums, so you can get back to enjoying your pool in no time!  See why so many pool pros are changing to The VacDaddy.  

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Where Can I Get a Top-Performing Portable Pool Vacuum Cleaner for My Home? 

Portable pool vacuum cleaners can be convenient, but of course, there are only a few pool vacuum cleaners that are worth the price tag.  The VacDaddy is a top choice for homeowners looking to keep their pools clean and ready to go! The VacDaddy was created by a 35-year pool industry veteran who knew the type of pool cleaner needed to eliminate pool-cleaning hassle but ensure a thorough cleaning job. 

The VacDaddy is lightweight, durable, powerful, and easy to use. Just like cleaning your carpet, plug it in and Just Vac It!

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