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What Is the Best Lightweight Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

When summer starts to heat up, there’s nothing better than relaxing in your swimming pool. But as fun as it is to float on an inflatable raft or splash your friends and family, you also need to clean your pool regularly. If your pool vacuum is bulky and heavy, that process is not so fun. If you’re looking for the best lightweight pool vacuum, you need an option that’s portable and easy to handle. However, you don’t want to sacrifice all the other features a great pool vacuum should have. Some lightweight vacuums are also light on suction power, reliability, and other necessary features. 

As a pool service professional or home swimming pool owner, you know there are many factors to consider when shopping for a pool vacuum. Choosing the right pool vacuum is important since it can make or break your experience with pool maintenance or ownership. Why is The VacDaddy the best portable pool vacuum around? It combines a lightweight, easy-to-carry design with all the other ingredients that make up the perfect pool vacuum. In this article, we’ll explore what makes the VacDaddy superior to other lightweight vacuum cleaners.  

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Lightweight Doesn’t Have to Mean Low Cleaning Power

So, how does the VacDaddy stack up with its competitors when it comes to cleaning power? There are two other relatively powerful options available: marine battery propeller vac head cart systems, and pool robots. Neither of these options is known for their easy maneuverability or portability. Many pool robots on the market weigh between 20 and 50 pounds, and vac head cart systems are fairly heavy, too. Only The VacDaddy offers the power to keep your pool sparkling clean without weighing you down. At only 9.5 pounds, the VacDaddy operates at 60+ GPM, so you can experience effective pool cleaning without straining your muscles.

A Lightweight Commercial Pool Vacuum That Won’t Break the Bank

Owning a pool can be expensive. After paying for water additives, test kits, tools, and other supplies, you might feel some sticker shock before summer is over. Similarly, there are expensive tool costs if you work as a pool service professional. You need an effective, affordable pool vacuum to run a profitable business. 

There aren’t many affordable options if you’re shopping for a lightweight pool vacuum. Handheld battery vacuums just don’t get the job done – their initial cost may be low, but you’ll probably end up buying another pool vacuum to clean up after them. Pool system equipment can cost $3,000 or more. Fortunately, The VacDaddy offers a professional pool vacuum option that’s far more affordable. At $1,295, The VacDaddy combines portability and ease of handling with an attractive price point.  

How Does the VacDaddy Compare to Other Major Vacuum Systems?

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Finding the Best Lightweight Pool Vacuum With a Good Reputation

Asking friends and family for recommendations can be a great way to start your search for the best lightweight pool vacuum. But other pool owners may have different priorities than you do, and anecdotal advice only offers a limited view of the big picture. The VacDaddy’s professional pool and spa associations speak to its stellar reputation on a larger scale – pool professionals love us! When it comes to service, at VacDaddy, we value our customer relationships and will work with you to resolve issues. We treat every customer as more than just an order number – your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Convenience and Flexibility: Two Green Flags When You’re Shopping for a Pool Vacuum

Manual pool vacuums don’t have to be inconvenient or hard to use. Why spend more time than necessary cleaning out your pool vacuum, when you could get back to enjoying the water? You can clean the VacDaddy filter bag in under one minute. Tired of waiting for batteries to charge? There’s no need to recharge the VacDaddy’s batteries or carefully guard them around the open water. You can plug into any power source and start cleaning. 

Since The VacDaddy is a pool vacuum pump, not just a vac head, it can be used on all different pool surfaces. Simply attach it to any standard pole and adapt it to any gunite or vinyl vac head.  

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Order The Best Lightweight Pool Vacuum Cleaner Today!

The VacDaddy is the best lightweight pool vacuum on the market because it combines ease of use, affordability, effectiveness, and versatility. Don’t struggle with heavy, bulky pool-cleaning machinery for another year – try the VacDaddy today! Visit our online store to get started.