The VacDaddy® Powerful Portable Pool Vacuum 2.0!


Revolutionize your pool maintenance routine with the VacDaddy Powerful Portable Pool Vacuum– the ultimate solution for a spotless pool! Don’t exhaust yourself cleaning – JUST VAC IT™! Our continuous power supply ensures sustained cleaning performance, making it a standout power vacuum for the pool. Unlike battery-powered alternatives, the VacDaddy boasts a lightweight, user-friendly design with no poolside assembly or training required.

Benefit from our latest enhancements, including a new and improved IP67 dimmable transformer for international adaptability. The VacDaddy now features larger filter bags, offering a 60% larger surface area and a 108% bigger volume. Tackle pool dirt effortlessly with our power pool vacuum – perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Experience the freedom of efficient pool cleaning; order your VacDaddy today and dive into a sparkling, debris-free pool oasis!

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The VacDaddy® is the most powerful, portable pool vacuum new to the market with a continuous power supply. The VacDaddy’s continuous power eliminates dependency on batteries with limited life. The VacDaddy is lightweight, easy to use, powerful, and requires no poolside assembly or training. Now with a new and improved IP67 dimmable transformer with new capability to work internationally! New larger filter bags! All bags now feature a 60% larger surface area and 108% bigger volume.

The VacDaddy was invented by a 35-year veteran of the pool service industry who has worked with hundreds of pool owners. He has long believed there should be a better way to clean your pool. Commercial portable pool vacuum requires 20 minutes to set up and detailed instructions to use. Other options include weak-battery vacuums or heavy robots that take hours to clean your pool.

Cleaning your carpets doesn’t require all this setup and weightlifting, so why should cleaning your pool? We have devoted ourselves to perfecting The VacDaddy Pool Vacuum System. The goal was to create a durable, lightweight, powerful cleaner that is easy to use and we have done just that. The VacDaddy system will allow users to clean their pools in less time with less effort. Like your carpet vacuum, plug in, and JUST VAC IT!

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 12 in