Visit us at the Western Pool and Spa Show
Los Angeles, CA - March 23, 24 & 25 2023

Florida Spa and Pool Show

A successful and busy pool and spa trade show season continues. At the end of February, we left the wintery weather of the northeast to attend the Everything Under the Sun Pool & Spa show in Orlando. It was another successful event and we met so many wonderful pool service professionals.

When comparing The VacDaddy™ to other commercial pool vacuums, Florida pros were impressed with how quick and maneuverable The VacDaddy™ is. As one pro said “This suction is incredible and I can move twice as fast as I can with my Hammerhead, without creating turbulence.”

Just like the Atlantic City show, we met another future pool pro who demonstrated that The VacDaddy™ is lightweight and easy to use. Our new friend Cameron enjoyed using The VacDaddy™ so much that he visited our booth multiple times to demonstrate for us.

Thank you, Cameron, for showing how easy The VacDaddy™ is and for helping us promote to other potential customers. You are the best salesman we have in Florida!