The VacDaddy Showcasing at Aqua Live and Upcoming Shows

Atlantic City Young Vacuumer

The VacDaddy™  is so simple that almost any member of the family can use it! On January 29-31 we set up a 12’ pool at The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City and invited pool service professionals over to prove it.

The pros were amazed by the suction and people finally understood that this is NOT a wimpy battery-powered unit. As you can clearly see from the power cord in the video, The VacDaddy™ has continuous power—moving over 40 gallons of water per minute!

But it’s not just the pros who were impressed! Some brought family members and our new friend Isaac got into the act, helping to demonstrate how lightweight and easy The VacDaddy™ is to use.

“Thank you, Isaac. Even though you could barely see over the edge of our pool, you did a great job vacuuming. We appreciate your help!”