Who is your daddy?

(aka Frequently Asked Questions)

The VacDaddy is the most powerful, portable pool vacuum new to the market with a continuous power supply. The VacDaddy’s continuous power eliminates dependency on batteries with limited life. The VacDaddy is lightweight, easy to use, powerful, and requires no poolside assembly or training.

The VacDaddy was invented by a 35-year veteran of the pool service industry who has worked with hundreds of pool owners. He has long believed there should be a better way to clean your pool. Commercial vacuums require 20 minutes to set up and detailed instructions to use. Other options include weak battery vacuums or heavy robots which take hours to clean your pool.

Cleaning your carpets doesn’t require all this setup and weightlifting, why should cleaning your pool? We have devoted ourselves to perfecting The VacDaddy™ Pool Vacuum System. The goal was to create a durable, light weight, powerful cleaner that is easy to use and we have done just that. The VacDaddy™ system will allow users to clean their pools in less time with less effort. Like your carpet vacuum, plug it in and JUST VAC IT™!

If you’re new to The VacDaddy™, our video series below is the perfect quick reference for everything you need to know. We recommend these videos more than reading the manual. Click below to watch the entire series.


Introduction to Your VacDaddy

Should I Use the Mesh or the Felt Bag?

Our Adaptor Pole is a Game Changer

The Adaptor Won’t Fit My Vac Head

I Want It Lower On the Pole

Fine Debris – Green to Clean Vac to Waste

Does it Fit My Vacuum Head?

Remote Switch Add-On for The VacDaddy

How to Keep From Rippling the Surface?

Do I Replace the Bag Every Week?

How to Care for Your Floating Cable

How Do I Get Started?

VacDaddy Feels Heavy On the Pole

What Are These Valves and How Do They Help Me?

Why We Don’t Like Batteries

I Need a Bag to Carry Everything

My Hose or Adaptor is Loose

My Adapter is Stuck in the Hose Cuff

My Vinyl Vac Head Sticks to the Floor

My Lid Seems Too Loose

What is the Filter Skirt?

Proper Position on the Pool Pole


Does the VacDaddy work for all pools? Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl?

The VacDaddy is a pool vacuum pump, not a vacuum head. It fits any standard pool vacuum head and mounts onto any standard telescoping pool pole. So, yes, it is designed for all different pool surfaces.

The vacuum head you choose to work with should be dependent upon the pool surface. With a gunite/concrete or fiberglass pool surface, a gunite vacuum head should work great. We recommend a vacuum with adjustable wheels adjusted as low as they can go (thereby raising the vacuum head) or if not adjustable, choose a vacuum head with lower wheels allowing the head more clearance from the surface of the pool.

For a vinyl pool, you should use a vinyl vacuum head. This sits higher from the pool surface and typically rides on brushes to keep wheels from making tracks in the vinyl surface. The VacDaddy has amazing suction so we recommend removing (or cutting out) approximately ½ of the brushes to allow for more water (and debris) to flow through the brushes to keep up with the demand of the VacDaddy.

How does it work for open vacs or vacuum to waste?

The VacDaddy will release a separate attachment that is compatible with your VacDaddy unit. This will be our vacuum to waste (V2W) attachment which will allow you to attach a vacuum hose and eject water, silt, mud, and other messy fine debris out of the pool entirely, along with the water.

This will, of course, lower the water to some degree but is the best way to conduct an opening or clean up really fine silt, mud, dust, or sand which passes right through all portable vacuum bags, no matter how fine. V2W is a key component to The VacDaddy which no other portable pool vacuum system has.

This bag seems really small. How often do I need to clean it?

The VacDaddy is a small, lightweight canister type of vacuum cleaner, much like the vacuum in your home. The canister will require regular emptying. How often will depend upon the amount of debris in your pool?

This was designed for weekly (or more than once a week) cleaning of your pool. Some pools may be in wooded areas and have many leaves. The VacDaddy sucks up all types and sizes of leaves – the only limitation may be your vac head opening.

The VacDaddy may fill while cleaning a leafy pool. We designed the bag to take under a minute to clean from the moment you pool the VacDaddy from the pool. Simply twist off the easy connect lid, pull out the filter bag and skirt, empty them into your net or a bucket, replace them into the VacDaddy unit, replace the lid, and get back to vacuuming.

How often do you have to charge the battery?

Never! There is no battery! This is a plug-in unit. Use the readily available electricity at your location. Trust us, it’s there. You just haven’t noticed before – and yes, after the first week, it will become an easy part of your vacuuming routine which saves you time in the long run. You may require an extension cord at many locations but isn’t that better than carrying that 80-pound marine battery everywhere?

What if you can’t find electricity?

It is a rare occasion indeed when there is no electricity. How is the pool’s system running? The first time at a new location you will need to have a look around (almost always multiple outlets available) to find the most convenient outlet. And, you may need an extension cord at some locations. You may even need to discuss with your owners to repair their outlet but there will be electricity.

I can’t hear the motor. How will I know when the bag is full?

This is a visual inspection. You will know the VacDaddy is full when you see that it is beginning to struggle with picking up debris. Typically you will notice debris being sucked in from the sides of the vacuum head. So when that begins to lessen you are getting close to a full filter bag.

It is moving a lot of water. How can I keep that from stirring up debris on the bottom?

The VacDaddy is designed to rapidly diffuse the water exiting the unit so as not to create ‘streams’ underwater. However, there will be slight turbulence as you are moving water at the rate of 60 gallons per minute.

As you are facing the VacDaddy on the pole, the water is exiting the top of the unit at your 3:00 and your 9:00 and fanning out. If you leave the VacDaddy in the water for a few minutes make sure you turn it off. As long as you are moving, you are dispersing the water into irregular patterns.

If you stay in one place you are starting to create a continuous flow or ‘stream’ in one direction. As you move around the pool be sure not to point the outflow down towards the floor.

When you come to a corner of a rectangular pool, the 3:00 or 9:00 flow will want to bounce off the wall and has to go somewhere. It may tend to flow downwards and stir up any debris in the corner. We recommend altering your vacuuming pattern to pick up debris in that corner three or so feet before you get to it, if there is heavy debris, then resume your pattern and work towards and around the corner.

Can I use this to vacuum with an Open or Trash vac?

Coming Soon! The VacDaddy has the capability of performing a vacuum to waste. With 16-18 feet of head, we can move a lot of water out of the pool and any algae, silt, DE, fine sand, or other small debris along with it.

Our Vacuum to Waste (V2W) attachment will require removing the existing ‘diffuser cap’ from the back of the unit with four screws. Install the V2W cap, attach your vac hose, then a waste hose to the other end of your vac hose, and waste that water and debris right out of the pool.

Drop pool levels in a hurry if you need with the VacDaddy also. The V2W kit will come with a V2W cap, leaf filter bag (allowing all but the largest debris to pass through), waste hose clamp, and hex head driver to remove and replace caps.

Would this be good for closing a pool and pumping down the water?

Absolutely, see above. The V2W capacity of the VacDaddy, at 60 gpm will drop the pool level quickly.

How do I clean the stairs or shallow areas?

The VacDaddy requires 18-20” of water at a minimum to function. It is not designed for fountains, ponds, sun decks, or benches. It will clean a spa floor and, at an angle, spa seats (although the diffuser will be above the surface and the spray will make it difficult to see – you can still vacuum). Please brush the top two or three stairs, benches, and sun decks into deeper water before vacuuming.

Is the VacDaddy good for spas?

See above. The VacDaddy primes easily and works great on spa floors. For benches and seats, you can clean them by holding the VacDaddy at an angle but there will be spray making it difficult to see. Vacuum by feel (or by Braille – as we like to say).

Can I use this on Vinyl pools?

The VacDaddy works on all pool surfaces. However, you should use the recommended vacuum head for the type of pool you are cleaning. For Vinyl Pools, please use a vinyl vacuum head. We do recommend cutting out about half of the brushes on your vinyl vac head or use a vac head with wide-open areas between brushes to allow enough water flow (and larger debris) to pass through and keep up with the demand of the VacDaddy’s powerful suction.

How long is the warranty?

The VacDaddy comes with a limited 6-month warranty. However, if you register your VacDaddy at www.thevacdaddy.com/register, you will automatically extend the warranty to a 1-year limited warranty. Wearable parts like the knobs, clamps, flexible hose and valves are not included in the warranty but are readily available for purchase and easy replacement on the website.

How do I perform maintenance?

Simple replacement parts are available on the website and you can purchase and change these out yourself. For major repairs, we recommend that you send the VacDaddy in (we pay shipping while under warranty) to our authorized repair center. If you order a motor kit and decide to work on the VacDaddy yourself, you may do so but will void the warranty.

Does it pick up fine silt and sand?

The VacDaddy picks up everything! Our powerful 60 GPM of water flow is the best suction out there on the market. The only limit is the size of your vacuum head opening. Your choice of vac head may determine the size of debris that can fit up the hose and into the filter bag. Certain types of fine silt and sand may clog the bag more quickly, prior to it becoming full and thereby causing the VacDaddy to lose suction. With these types of fine mud and silt and certain sands, we recommend using the Vacuum to Waste (V2W) to remove these from the pool.

Does it pick up larger debris such as sticks, rocks and big leaves?

See above. The VacDaddy has incredible suction and the only limitations to debris it can suck up are the limitations of your Vacuum head opening.

Will you have a cart to carry the VacDaddy which will also allow me to carry my chemicals?

The VacDaddy is extremely lightweight and designed to carry right on your pole. We have a 24” adapter pole on which you can mount the VacDaddy and your vac head permanently and simply clip onto your telescoping pole. This works as a great handle. Also we will soon release a 26” canvas bag with wheels so you can carry additional equipment along with your VacDaddy – still MUCH lighter than other commercial systems with big bulky carts.

We purposefully stayed away from having a big bulky cart but may offer one in the future. For now, the VacDaddy carry bag (VacBaggy) will allow you to carry most equipment and perhaps you can carry chemicals in your other hand. But how do you know which chemicals the pool requires until you go and test the water? In certain markets, there is always a need for more chlorine but you still need to test for adding other potential chemicals which may require one extra trip to the vehicle.

What is the best vac head to use with the VacDaddy?

The VacDaddy works with almost all 1 ½” or 2” gunite or vinyl vac heads. We like a 2” opening because it allows slightly more water flow. If you are experiencing TOO much flow, you may want to drop down to a 1 ½” vacuum head although that suction difference is minimal. Choose a vacuum head with lower wheels (or lower any adjustable wheels) to allow the head to sit higher off of the pool surface. Our suction is so great, you do not need to have the vacuum head right on the floor.

For vinyl vacuum heads we suggest one with large openings between brushes or take time to cut several openings between continuous rows of brushes. This allows more debris AND more water to flow through and keep up with the demand the VacDaddy is calling for.

Why is it so expensive?

How do you explain the years of research and engineering which went into making this small handheld which delivers the power of giant commercial systems? People look at this and think we compete with a cheap battery-powered system. Try this and you’ll see the difference. We compete with $1600 and $2000 vacuum systems but we don’t require bulky carts and systems to transport heavy batteries which always require charging. We are fairly priced on the market right in between 1.5 horse pumps/pleated cartridge cart systems and marine battery cart systems. Slightly more expensive than some, WAY cheaper than others.

The VacDaddy is not a cheap handheld. We are a powerful commercial vacuum, designed to help you vacuum more pools in a day and make more money on each truck in your fleet. The VacDaddy will pay for itself in one or two days by freeing you up to have time to take on more pools!

Can I use a battery?

Are you paying attention? Every home and every commercial location has electricity. Plug it in and get to work. Don’t worry about charging that little handheld unit with limited suction or carrying one or two or three extra batteries. Don’t worry about carrying 80 lbs. of marine batteries which cost you a couple of hundred dollars to replace regularly. Look! There’s an outlet right over there! Maybe there are one or two houses in any city which don’t have readily available electrical outlets. Or maybe the outlet has not been maintained and needs replacing. That’s a different story and a conversation you need to have with your customer. But after the first time you walk into the backyard and look around, you’ll immediately get used to spotting outlets right away. And on your regular routes, you’ll walk right to the outlet, plug it in, drop the VacDaddy in the pool and get to work.

My adapter keeps pushing up inside the hose cuff.

Please pull the adapter out of the hose cuff to begin. Push the adapter all the way onto the vac head before pushing the hose cuff onto the adapter. The resistance of pushing onto the vac head will force the adapter up into the cuff if you try to use the cuff to push the adaptor on.

If your vac head has an extremely narrow space between the handle bracket and the vac head opening, you may need to take a knife and trim an area of the adapter (do not cut all the way through) so that it is narrow enough to fit between opening and bracket.

What is the proper placement of the VacDaddy on the pole?

Please see the manual for setup instructions. Connect the vac head to the pole first. Open the VacDaddy clamps. Place the pole into the clamps with the VacDaddy lined up on top of the pole in relation to the vac head. Slightly tighten clamps. Connect the Flexible Hose to the vac head and to the VacDaddy. Slide the VacDaddy down the pole until the Flexible hose is fully compressed with the vac head at a 90-degree angle to the pole (as if it was on the pool floor).

Now the VacDaddy is at the right spot on the pole. Tighten the knobs firmly enough to keep the VacDaddy from spinning on the pole. You are ready to vacuum. You want the VacDaddy low on the pole so as not to ripple the surface in the shallow end.

The lid to my VacDaddy is very loose.

It is very rare but sometimes during the manufacturing of plastics, there are tolerances which are off and you may have a VacDaddy on which the lid is loose when you first get it. We like a loose lid. It should be easy to remove so you can clean the filter bag quickly and easily. However, too loose is also not good. That will become firmer with time as the plastics gather residue from minerals in the water.

In the meantime, please contact info@thevacdaddy.com and we will send you a solution of 1/100th of an inch stickers to place in your filter bags to raise them up and make better contact with the lid, helping to keep it tighter. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0nxy7JiQSM (or play the video below) for more information.

How should I care for my floating cord?

The floating cord comes with a natural coil to it. When in use, the cord moves easily through the water.  When storing, disconnect the cord from the transformer and begin to coil the cord in a loop about the size of a basketball.

Start from the connector end of the coil.  You will feel the coil want to fall into place.  As you coil up toward the VacDaddy you may push a twist down the cord.  Simply unwind the entire coil in your hands as you go to remove that twist. See the video below for more information.