Fine Debris Removal

The Leaf Filter Bag keeps large
debris from being lodged in the

impeller but allows mud and much

finer debris to pass through and

exit your pool through a vacuum to

waste action.

No Need for Sump Pump

With the ability to move 60 gpm or
3,600 gallons per hour out of the

pool, you can quickly lower the

pool’s water level or drain when


Minimal Assembly

Simply attach the V2W cap, insert the leaf bag, then attach your vacuum hose to the V2W cap. 

Attach the required length of backwash hose to the other end of your vacuum hose to move water where required. 

Now just Vac It! 

The VacDaddy™
Vacuum To Waste (V2W) Kit.

The ONLY vacuum system with a vacuum to waste/discharge attachment.

Efficiently remove silt, algae, and other fine debris when you use the new V2W (vacuum to waste) attachment from The VacDaddy. Buy your VacDaddy now and receive 30% off of your V2W attachment.


About the V2W Kit...

This kit is ideal for pool openings, Green to Clean, DE Spills, or to remove other fine debris from the pool which no other filter bag can trap.


For closings, heavy rain storms or other emergencies which require a quick lowering of the pool water level, the V2W kit has the ability to move 60 gpm or 3,600 gallons per hour out of the pool.

Light Weight &

No Bulky


Cut Cleaning
Time in Half

Fast Pool

Perfect for

Kit includes Vacuum to Waste (V2W) cap, leaf filter bag, hex head tool,
and one spare hose clamp. Vacuum hose and backwash hose not included.

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