The VacDaddy™ to Attend 2019 NESPA Pool and Spa Show in AC

The VacDaddy™ to Attend 2019 NESPA Pool and Spa Show in AC, Jan. 29 – 31

The setting is the NESPA Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City, January 29, 2019.  There’s a new kid in town with a catchy name. The VacDaddy™!

But we need to go back a few years and explain why this is such a big deal and why you may never vacuum pools the same way again.

Matthew D’Aguanno, pool guy, is hauling 50 pounds of pumps and filters on the first pass from his truck to the pool he’s cleaning.  Second pass, carrying his telescoping pole and vac head, with a dripping hose slung over one shoulder and a 50-foot extension cord draped crossbody over the other, he feels like a bandito marching to a gunfight.  Fifteen minutes later various heavy parts are connected and hoses are primed.  D’Aguanno is ready to begin work and thinks to himself, “There’s got to be a better way.”

It has taken ten years of creative imagination and design and on January 29th, D’Aguanno and his crew will unveil his ‘better way’ of vacuuming at the Pool & Spa Show.

“No one had to explain to you how to vacuum the floors in your house. Why can’t it be that simple for your pool?  We wanted to plug in and vacuum.  The plan was to make it so simple and lightweight that almost any member of the family could use it.  We’ve done that.”

In early trials, D’Aguanno, who owns CPC Pools on Long Island, had one member of his team use traditional pumps, filters and hoses while another team member used a preliminary model of The VacDaddy to vacuum a pool.  This race was not even close.  The portable pool vac was finished in 22 minutes just as the traditional pump was getting started. “Imagine cleaning two pools in the time it used to take you to clean one!”

The VacDaddy™  is now patented and a team of engineers has perfected the vacuum to ensure that gallons-per-minute of suction will outperform heavy commercial pumps.  “It doesn’t have to be big to be powerful.  And you shouldn’t have to constantly charge batteries to do the job with a lightweight pump.”  The VacDaddy weighs in at 10 pounds and creates a suction of 55-60 gallons per minute; more than a 1.5 hp traditional pump and triple the most powerful battery vacuum.

“The VacDaddy™ mounts on your telescoping pole and uses a universal connector to fit your gunite or vinyl vac head.  A transformer safely drops your 120v power to 24v and the built-in filter bag, with a greater volume than a standard pump basket, has a quick connect so it is easy to clean.  We even have a vac-to-waste cap which enables you to use The VacDaddy™ for openings and late season vacs.”

D’Aguanno has thought of every angle, but of course, he’s a pool guy.  In 35 years he estimates that he has vacuumed over 15,000 pools personally.  “Cleaning pools can be a lonely business.  The mind has plenty of time to imagine.  It is so fun to see all those ideas come to fruition.”

The VacDaddy™ invites you to clean a pool during the Pool & Spa Show where they will have working demo models for all three days at the show.  Come meet the inventor where you can try and buy The VacDaddy™ this year at booth #2355.