Powerful Pool Vacuum

A Crystal Clear VacDaddy

Look at that power! 60 gallons per minute. You see here, vacuuming in as little as 15" partially extended out of the water without losing suction. You can clean spa floors and the bottom couple of pool stairs. However, The VacDaddy is a powerful commercial pool vacuum primarily designed for swift and thorough cleaning of your pool floor.
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Check Out Our Short Explainer Video!

Swimming pool maintenance just got a whole lot easier by using The VacDaddy™. Say goodbye to dragging heavy, bulky, cumbersome equipment and priming wet dripping hoses. There is no need for carts or trailer hitches and you'll never charge another battery again! Welcome to the revolution in pool cleaning. The VacDaddy™ combines power, suction, light weight, ease-of-use, and fast cleaning…
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Vac-ing America!

We've been on the market for almost four months and are getting rave reviews. The VacDaddy™ has been sold in 32 states so far. That's a lot of pools in a lot of places finding out what sucking is all about! Contact us today and be sure to ask about our TRY ME pricing for your first powerful, portable VacDaddy™.
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