Pool Cleaning

A Crystal Clear VacDaddy

Look at that power! 60 gallons per minute. You see here, vacuuming in as little as 15" partially extended out of the water without losing suction. You can clean spa floors and the bottom couple of pool stairs. However, The VacDaddy is a powerful commercial pool vacuum primarily designed for swift and thorough cleaning of your pool floor.
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All About The VacDaddy™

Hear from The VacDaddy himself how he came up with the invention and how it will revolutionize the Pool Industry!
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Will it vacuum snow??

Punxsutawney Phil sees a shadow of The VacDaddy™ arriving in six more weeks!!
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The Sky Is The Limit

We spent the summer pushing The VacDaddy™ to discover its limits. We didn't get there. After 1500 hours in an independent lab test, our motor had plenty of life remaining. VacDaddy™ units in the field performed all summer and are looking forward to season 2. Can't wait to deliver yours in 2021.
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This is all you need this summer for a clean pool!

How much time do you spend loading and unloading your truck with heavy equipment? Throw all of that other stuff aside. The VacDaddy™ is your solution. It is Powerful, portable, lightweight and takes up minimal space in your truck or van, leaving enough room for a giant cooler of Iced Tea and Ice Cream to cool you off from that…
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