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Looking for a portable pool vacuum in Hillsborough in San Mateo county 94010?

VacDaddy offers a revolutionary V2W system that’s convenient, lightweight, powerful and affordable.

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The Best Portable Pool Vacuum in or near Hillsborough CA

Are you looking for a portable pool vacuum in the Hillsborough, California area? If so, you know there are plenty of options to choose from. You might be a pool owner looking for a pool vacuum system. Or maybe you’re a pool service professional who wants to find the best lightweight pool vacuum for yourself or your team. Either way, you can spend a lot of time shopping around and comparing features and prices.

Sometimes it seems like you have to choose where to compromise when you’re shopping for commercial pool vacuums. Are you willing to pay extra for added convenience and power? Or are you willing to sacrifice speed and durability in order to save a few hundred or a few thousand dollars? When you buy a VacDaddy, you no longer have to choose between low price and strong performance. Created by a pool service industry veteran, VacDaddy’s revolutionary V2W system makes cleaning your pool easy, quick and affordable. Our trusted partners and affiliates include:

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In addition, we’re proud of our many professional pool and spa associations, including:

  • Pool & Hot Tub Alliance
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When you’re shopping for a portable pool vacuum in the Hillsborough California area, look for a company that offers real advantages over the competition. Here are just a few of the reasons why buying a VacDaddy pool vacuum is a great decision.

The Best Portable Pool Vacuum Design in Hillsborough, CA

At VacDaddy, we’ve seen plenty of traditional pool vacuums. We set out to design something better. Let’s explore a few of the product features that make VacDaddy unique.

A Powerful Pool Cleaner With No Batteries in Hillsborough, California

How powerful is the VacDaddy? It features 60 GPM of water flow, so you’ll have the strength it takes to keep your pool water sparkling all summer long. The VacDaddy draws continuous power using a 24V electric motor. No more pausing to change batteries or running out of charge in the middle of your cleaning job! 

After all, you don’t need bulky, expensive, unreliable batteries to vacuum your carpet. Why should vacuuming your pool be any different? To get started, simply connect the 24V DC power supply to an electrical source and start vacuuming. The water-resistant transformer will convert its 110V power supply to 24V DC to provide safety around the pool.

Find out more about the VacDaddy pool cleaner on our FAQ page.

The Pool Vacuum System That Offers The Best Value in Hillsborough, CA

You can pay thousands of dollars for a pool vacuum, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a great product. When you buy some of the expensive portable pool vacuums out there, you’ll be dealing with bulky equipment, long setup times, unreliable battery life, and machines that break down soon after purchase. Why go through all this when you can purchase a VacDaddy for around $1,295? 

Time is money, and the VacDaddy can cut your pool cleaning time in half. That’s part of why it’s the best commercial pool vacuum available. From the time you open the VacDaddy box, you can be vacuuming your pool within 6 minutes. You won’t need to mess with hoses, batteries, and other time-consuming aspects of traditional pool vacuums. As a pool service professional, you’ll boost your profits by cleaning more pools in less time. If you’re a pool owner, you’ll get to enjoy more time swimming and relaxing in your pool and less time running machinery. You could use a heavy robotic pool vacuum system, but cleaning your pool might take all day. Why pay more to get less work done?

You can purchase the VacDaddy in a variety of bundles, depending on your needs. 

Click here to shop our VacDaddy bundle options. 

We also offer great prices on all the essential supplies you’ll need, from filter bags to poles and more.

An Easy-To-Use Handheld Pool System in Hillsborough, California

No one had to teach you how to use a vacuum cleaner in your living room. Typically, indoor vacuums feature a simple, intuitive design that most family members can figure out with ease. At VacDaddy, we think pool vacuums should be just as easy to use. With the VacDaddy, almost anyone in your household can handle the task of pool vacuuming – there’s no special skill or strength required. It comes with two reusable filter bags that can be cleaned in just one minute, so it’s easy to maintain with no fuss.

The VacDaddy is not only easy enough that almost anyone can use it – it also allows you to leave the extra weight and baggage behind. You won’t need to drag around bulky equipment or prime wet, messy hoses anymore. You also won’t need a cart or trailer hitch to take the VacDaddy on the go. At only 10 pounds, you can easily carry the unit with you wherever you go. 

When you’re ready to use it, simply slide the VacDaddy low on your pole and ensure the hose is fully compressed. Then simply tighten the knobs to secure it to the pole, and start vacuuming! The VacDaddy is designed to be quick-draining when removed from the pool, too. The unit will be a little heavier when it’s filled with water, so this feature helps to keep your arms from getting tired.

Warranty and Manuals for the VacDaddy

Finding A Versatile Portable Pool Vacuum in Hillsborough, California

The VacDaddy is a universal vacuum pump that attaches to your own pole and vac head. This allows for maximum flexibility to use your existing equipment. The VacDaddy comes with a vacuum hose with a 2” cuff, designed to fit a commercial sized opening. However, it also comes with an adapter to fit a 1.5” head. Whether you prefer a Gunite or vinyl head, it will be compatible with your VacDaddy system. It only takes seconds to mount the VacDaddy to your pole using adjustable clamps.

The two filter bags that come with your VacDaddy also provide flexibility for different pool cleaning needs. You’ll get one felt bag that’s perfect for very fine debris. You’ll also get a mesh bag that may work best for leaves and larger pieces of debris and is even easier to clean. Both filter bags are rated for 200 microns. A handy filter skirt keeps debris from falling back out while you’re cleaning the filter. 

Cleaning the bag is quick and simple! Its small size means it does need regular cleanings (the VacDaddy is designed for weekly pool cleanings or touch-ups in between them), but each cleaning should only take around a minute to complete. When it stops picking up debris, you’ll know it’s time to empty your bag. Don’t worry about the size or shape of your debris – the VacDaddy can pick up large leaves, and you’re only limited by your Vac head size! 

The VacDaddy is great for pool cleaning, but it can also be used to close a pool and pump down the water. It’s powerful enough to reduce the water level quickly, so you won’t be standing there all day.

How Does the VacDaddy Compare to Other Major Vacuum Systems?

The Best Portable Pool Vacuum Company in Hillsborough, California

We don’t just offer a great product. When you buy a VacDaddy, you’ll also enjoy a great customer experience and peace of mind.

Fast Delivery And Excellent Customer Service For Professional Pool Vacuums in Hillsborough, California 94010 customers

Owning a pool in Hillsborough, California can provide you with hours of summertime fun. However, working with a pool supply company that doesn’t care about customer service is anything but fun. The staff at VacDaddy are known for their knowledgeable, quick communication, so you won’t be left with unanswered questions. If you have customer support needs, they’ll be on hand to help you get the VacDaddy working as intended. 9 out of 10 customers who try the VacDaddy recommend us thanks to our great product and great service.

When you’re ready to order a VacDaddy, you can expect delivery within three days. Summer is short – why spend time waiting around for a pool vacuum to arrive?

A Professional Pool Vacuum In Hillsborough, California That’s Made By Professionals

The VacDaddy was developed by a pool service veteran who’s been in the industry for over 35 years. When you’ve been cleaning pools and working with pool cleaners for decades, you know what works and what doesn’t. He got tired of thick instruction manuals, lengthy setups, weak battery-powered vacuums and heavy robotic models that take forever to use. He set out to create a pool vacuum that’s durable, lightweight, powerful and easy to use – and the VacDaddy was born.

When you order a VacDaddy, it comes with tips from industry professionals on our team. If you’ve never used a pool vacuum system quite like the VacDaddy, these can come in handy as you get started! And if you ever have questions or problems, our representatives are on hand to provide expert assistance. There’s no need to flip through a thick instruction manual looking for answers – we’ve got you covered.

See the VacDaddy in action on our Videos page.

Where Can I Find The Best Commercial Pool Vacuum in or Near the Hillsborough, California Area?

There are many different options when it comes to professional pool vacuums in the Hillsborough, California area. But there’s only one VacDaddy, With our revolutionary vacuum-to-waste system and battery-free design, there’s truly nothing else like it on the market.

If you’re looking for the best commercial pool vacuum in Hillsborough, California 94010, give VacDaddy a call today. Call us today at (888) 536-8186 or fill out our online contact form. One of our representatives will reach out to answer all of your questions!