VacDaddy 2.0 Upgrade Kit


Step into the future of cleaning with the VacDaddy 2.0 Upgrade Kit – an exclusive offer for our valued existing customers! This comprehensive set features our Set of 3 Larger Filter Bags (Mesh, Felt, and Leaf) with a 60% larger surface area and a remarkable 108% increase in volume. Enhance your VacDaddy with our upgraded IP67 Variable Speed Transformer, ensuring seamless operation both nationally and internationally. Plus, enjoy the convenience of our New Wire Connector. Elevate your cleaning experience today with the VacDaddy 2.0 Upgrade Kit – because innovation meets efficiency for our cherished customers!

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Do you want to take your VacDaddy into the future? Now you can introducing the Vacdaddy 2.0 Upgrade Kit – Exclusive for Our Valued Existing Customers! This set includes the following:

VacDaddy® Set of 3 Filter Bags – Felt, Mesh, and Leaf Filters: Take advantage of the full set discount with our premium filter bags designed for optimal pool maintenance. Each bag has been meticulously crafted to cater to specific cleaning needs.

VacDaddy Mesh Filter Bag: The lightweight and easy-to-clean mesh filter bag provide filtration down to 200 microns, making it perfect for weekly vacuums and touch-ups. Experience a cleaner pool effortlessly with this versatile and efficient bag.

VacDaddy Felt Filter Bag: For a more durable cleaning option, the felt filter bag features 75-micron cleaning. The increased density traps fine debris, allowing you to put a finer polish on your pool. Enhance the longevity and cleanliness of your pool with this resilient filter bag.

VacDaddy Leaf Filter Bag: Specifically designed for use with our V2W (Vacuum To Waste) kit, this leaf filter bag boasts a wide mesh at 1800 microns. It allows dirt, silt, sand, algae, and other sediment to pass through while protecting the impeller from larger objects like leaves and sticks. Keep your pool free from debris with this high-performance filter bag.

All bags in this set now feature a 60% larger surface area and 108% bigger volume, ensuring extended usage and efficiency.

New Wire Connector for Floating Wire: Upgrade your VacDaddy® experience with the new wire connector designed for transformers purchased or received after September 1, 2023. This connector is compatible with the upgraded transformer, providing seamless compatibility and enhanced functionality. For any inquiries or assistance, contact us directly at

New and Improved VacDaddy® Transformer: Safely convert/invert 110/220 volts from your electrical outlet to 24 volts DC current with the VacDaddy® Power Supply. This cutting-edge technology enables The VacDaddy® to move an impressive 60 GPM now with variable speed, ensuring unparalleled pool cleaning performance. Now configured to work in international markets.

Upgrade your pool maintenance routine with the VacDaddy® 2.0 Upgrade Kit- Because your pool deserves the best!