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If you could vacuum twice the pools in the same time, AND not carry heavy, bulky equipment, would you take that opportunity? The VacDaddyTM is a powerful, portable pool vacuum with a continuous power supply. This is NOT a battery powered vac. The VacDaddyTM is lightweight, easy to use, and requires no poolside assembly or training. Clean more pools in less time and make more money.

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The VacDaddyTM is the most powerful, portable pool vacuum new to the market with a continuous power supply. The VacDaddyTM’s continuous power eliminates dependency on batteries with limited life. The VacDaddyTM is lightweight, easy to use, powerful and requires no poolside assembly or training, allowing operators to service more pools in less time.

The VacDaddyTM was invented by a pool cleaning professional who, like you, was fed up with carrying heavy equipment from truck to pool, taking two round trips plus priming hoses and connecting parts. There has to be a better way! The VacDaddyTM is the culmination of years of thought, research and engineering delivering more gallons-per-minute suction than a 1.5 hp pump and with an easy-to-clean filter basket built right in. The VacDaddyTM even has vac-to-waste capabilities for openings and late season vacs.

In early trials, The VacDaddyTM cut vacuum time by 15 to 20 minutes per average-size pool. Simply plug the transformer into a 110 outlet and you are ready to go. With The VacDaddyTM you can clean at least 50% more pools per day. Your vacuumers make more money per day and you can grow your service business without additional staffing.

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