The VacDaddy® - Hotel & Resort Special

Hotels, resorts and property managers are loving the VacDaddy®.

This is a powerful and easy pool control solution for commercial property managers. This is NOT a battery-powered vac. The VacDaddy is lightweight, easy to use, and requires no poolside assembly or training.

Have your maintenance manager/property manager call us – we can help you get board approval on the VacDaddy.

  • Powerful: 55-60 GPM of water flow.
  • Portable: Lightweight (10 lbs.)

  • Continuous Power: 24V DC motor. No batteries required.

  • Easy To Use: Set up in minutes.

  • Easy To Maintain: Reusable filter bags can be cleaned in less than a minute.

  • Universal: Mounts on any standard pole and vacuum head.

  • V2W™ (Vacuum To Waste): Optional attachment allows more versatility in all vacuuming conditions.

  • Smart: No more lugging bulky, heavy equipment to the job site


Highly recommended add-on: Vacuum To Waste Attachment

Add the one and only Vac2Waste system in the universe to your purchase. Efficiently removes silt, algae, and other fine debris in minutes.


Dealers usually pair their VacDaddy with these attachments to further enhance its usability.

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