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The Deluxe Bundle



This bundle includes:  The Deluxe Bundle is our top of the line package. Not only do you get all items mentioned in the Pro Bundle, but we will include additional long-lasting filter bags and the flexible hose. The Deluxe package takes into account that eventually you will need replacement bags as well, and provides you discounted pricing to purchase these ‘spare parts’ in advance.



The DELUXE BUNDLE!  This is our most popular bundle because this is the package which gives it all to you.  All of the items in the other two bundles (VacDaddy, V2W, Adapter Pole, Vac Head with Rigid Plastic Handle, Remote On/Off Switch and our VacCaddy Carry Bag to keep it all organized).  Now . . . what about a few spare filter bags.  Although they are very well made and durable, the bags are eventually going to wear out so this Deluxe Bundle gives you one of each spare filter bag.  The 200 micron mesh bag, the 75 micron felt bag and the vacuum to waste leaf bag are added in PLUS you also get an extra flexible hose to complete your VacDaddy Deluxe Bundle.  Now you are in business!






Additional information

Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 28 × 24 in