The VacDaddy Deluxe Bundle with Powerful Portable Pool Vac 2.0!, V2W® Kit, Aluminum Adapter Pole, VacCaddy Carry Bag, and More



This bundle includes:  The Deluxe Bundle is our top of the line package. Not only do you get all items mentioned in the Pro Bundle, but we will include additional long-lasting filter bags and the flexible hose. The Deluxe package takes into account that eventually you will need replacement bags as well, and provides you discounted pricing to purchase these ‘spare parts’ in advance.


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Elevate your pool cleaning experience to unparalleled heights with The VacDaddy Deluxe Bundle, our top-of-the-line package that goes beyond expectations. This deluxe package not only includes all items from the Pro Bundle but also provides additional long-lasting filter bags and a flexible hose for a comprehensive cleaning solution.

At the heart of this deluxe bundle is The VacDaddy® Powerful Portable Pool Vac 2.0!, a robust vacuum system designed to effortlessly eliminate dirt, dust, and debris from your pool. The V2W® (Vacuum to Waste) Kit enhances its capabilities, transforming it into a professional pool vacuum suitable for various surfaces and challenging pool areas.

The Deluxe Bundle incorporates the key components of the Pro Bundle, such as the Aluminum Adapter Pole by Skimlite, the sturdy VacCaddy Carry Bag for convenient equipment transportation, the Ocean Blue gunite vacuum head with a rigid handle for precise control, and the Remote On/Off Switch for added convenience.

To ensure a lasting cleaning solution, the Deluxe Bundle includes additional long-lasting filter bags in mesh, felt, and leaf varieties. This forward-thinking package acknowledges the eventual need for replacement bags and provides discounted pricing for these ‘spare parts,’ ensuring you’re well-prepared for continued pool maintenance.

Complete your deluxe cleaning arsenal with the addition of a Flexible Hose with a Clear Adapter, offering versatility and efficiency in reaching every corner of your pool.

Experience unmatched excellence in pool cleaning with The VacDaddy Deluxe Bundle, the ultimate package for those who demand the best. Dive into the future of pool maintenance with The VacDaddy® Powerful Portable Pool Vac 2.0!, V2W® Kit, Aluminum Adapter Pole by Skimlite, VacCaddy Carry Bag, Vac Head (Gunite) from Ocean Blue with rigid handle, Remote On/Off Switch, Mesh Filter Bag, Felt Filter Bag, Leaf Filter Bag – Vacuum To Waste, Flexible Hose with Clear Adapter, and more. This is not just a pool vacuum; it’s a professional-grade cleaning solution for a pristine and inviting pool environment.

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Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 28 × 24 in