Shallow Water Adapter


Introducing the revolutionary Shallow Water Adapter by VacDaddy – the ultimate solution for a sparkling clean fountain and/or shallow bodies of water such as tanning ledges, stairs and benches! This innovative attachment is designed to seamlessly connect to the VacDaddy pool vacuum, transforming it into a powerful fountain-cleaning marvel. With the Shallow Water Adapter, maintaining pristine water features has never been easier!

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Installing the Shallow Water Adapter to your VacDaddy pool vacuum is a breeze! Its user-friendly design allows for quick and secure attachment, saving you time and energy. This cleverly designed adapter allows for quick setup so that your VacDaddy and quickly move from a pool vacuum to a fountain/steps/bench/tanning ledge vacuum.  Pop the VacDaddy off of your pole and disconnect the vac head.  Attach the Shallow Water adapter to the front end of your VacDaddy and your vacuum hose now fits right onto the VacDaddy. Now you’re vacuuming in the traditional style without sending dirt and debris into the pool system. With the Shallow Water Adapter you can place the VacDaddy in as little as 8″ of water and vacuum shallow areas with ease. Say goodbye to unsightly debris, algae buildup, and water discoloration, as the VacDaddy Shallow Water Adapter leaves your shallow water features crystal-clear and visually stunning

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in