How Does The VacDaddy® Compare To Other Major Vacuum Systems?

Excellent question! 

As a pool service professional, acquiring effective, affordable, and easy-to-transport equipment to service your clients pools is critical to your success. Lugging heavy, dripping equipment from job-to-job is tiresome and correct me if I’m wrong, but your goal is to clean as many pools as possible per day right?

On the other hand, as a pool owner, the thought of vacuuming your own pool can seem both daunting and tedious. No one taught you how to vacuum your carpet, so why should vacuuming your pool be any different? 

But! When you purchase The VacDaddy®, a light weight, powerful, battery-free and user-friendly pool vacuum, your worries are problems of the past. 

Whether you’re a pool service professional who depends on quality equipment for income, or a homeowner who wants to enjoy a faster and easier way to clean their pool, it’s obvious that The VacDaddy is your answer. 

PLUS! The VacDaddy is the ONLY vacuum system on the market with a vacuum to waste/discharge attachment.

Once the one-of-a-kind V2W™(Vacuum To Waste) attachment is placed on The VacDaddy, you can efficiently remove dirt, mud, silt, algae, plaster dust and other fine debris, while also discharging waste water quickly and easily to help remove that super fine material any other vac system leaves behind.

Who’s Your Daddy? We’ve put together a chart that illustrates the true value that The VacDaddy brings to the table compared to other pool vacuum categories on the market. 

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