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and Faster Pool Vacuum

Introducing the VacDaddy™, a portable pool vacuum system that combines power and light weight to create a more convenient and faster way of cleaning pools.

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The VacDaddyTM is for pool service professionals and pool owners alike. And you can buy with confidence, the VacDaddy was developed by a 35-year veteran of the pool service industry who has worked with hundreds of pool owners and companies.

  • Clean twice the pools in less time.
  • 30% to 50% increase in sales per day.
  • Maximize existing employee production.
  • Reduce the amount of bulky, heavy equipment on the job site. The VacDaddyTM is lightweight at only 10 lbs.
  • The VacDaddy™ has a powerful 24V DC electric motor and requires NO BATTERIES.
  • The VacDaddy can move water at 55-60 GPM.
  • Mounts on any standard pole and vacuum head. No need to purchase additional equipment.

For Pool Service Professionals

For Pool Service Professionals

Clean two pools in the time it takes to clean one! The VacDaddy removes the need for heavy batteries, carts, and messy hoses.


For Pool Owners

For Pool Owners

You know how to vacuum your home. Now it’s that easy to vacuum your pool! Just Vac It with the VacDaddy.


For Retailers and Wholesalers

For Retailers and Wholesalers

Are you a supply store or eCommerce getting calls from your customers asking you to stock the VacDaddy?

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Save Money on Your VacDaddyTM

Check back often to learn about special offers on The VacDaddyTM and other exciting new products to be released soon.

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Recent News and Events

The VacDaddy® Showcasing at Aqua Live and Upcoming Shows

Come see The VacDaddy AND MORE at these regional trade show events all over the country!  And we are now more than just an amazing pool Vacuum. Come see our full line of products including the Carbon Fiber and Aluminum adapter poles, our remote on/off switch, the VacBaggy carry bag and, of course, the one-of-a-kind V2W (Vacuum To Waste) attachment…

2022 Trade Show Schedule

We want to meet you!  When we first began to conceptualize The VacDaddy™, we were told it was impossible. There’s no way one can create an efficient, portable pool vacuum without batteries, and no complicated set-up. Boy did we prove them wrong.. The VacDaddy™ was designed with pool professionals in mind. Not only is it powerful, light weight and easy…
What other commercial pool vacs are saying about The VacDaddy

What Other Commercial Pool Vacs Are Saying About The VacDaddy!

No batteries or carts! Just Vac It with The VacDaddy™!   Ready to clean more pools? Click the button below to log into the Pool Service Professional / Dealer Portal. If you don't have a login, you can register for special discounted pricing through the Dealer Portal as well.


Excited to give it a try!

If this vac truly has the suction of a commercial pump AND is as lightweight as you say, I will be excited to give it a try! I’m taking advantage of your Give $100/Get $100 today.

Donald A.

I need six!

When is this available? I need six – one for each vacuumer on my crew. Not only will they be more productive, I won’t have to listen to them complain about hauling equipment.

Mateo P.

This product is a game-changer!

I can’t wait for my The VacDaddy! More pools, less time, and one trip to and from my truck. This product is a game-changer.

Bob White

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