How The VacDaddy Eliminates The Need For A Sand Filter

The VacDaddy - Portable Pool Vacuum for Pool Pros

Maintaining a clean and inviting above-ground pool is a priority for any pool owner. One of the most important parts of pool maintenance is regular vacuuming to ensure crystal-clear water and a healthy recreational environment. In this article, we discuss the importance of vacuuming, the function of a sand filter, and how with The VacDaddy […]

How To Vacuum An Inground Pool

The VacDaddy - Portable Pool Vacuum for Pool Pros

Unveiling the Secrets to Pristine Inground Pool Maintenance Vacuuming your inground pool is an essential part of regular pool maintenance. It helps to remove dirt, debris, and algae, keeping your pool clean and healthy for swimmers. There are a few different ways to vacuum your pool, but using a portable pool vacuum is the most […]

How To Use Your VacDaddy Portable Pool Vacuum

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Keeping your pool crystal clear doesn’t have to be a backbreaking chore. With the right tools, achieving a pristine pool environment can be a breeze. Enter the VacDaddy portable pool vacuum, a game-changer in the realm of pool maintenance. This innovative device offers a convenient and efficient solution for keeping your aquatic sanctuary sparkling clean. Delving into the World of […]

The True Cost Of Pool Cleaning: How the VacDaddy Saves Time And Money

Featured: Beautiful backyard pool with lush landscaping- The true cost of pool cleaning: how the VacDaddy saves time and money

Owning a pool has plenty of benefits. You can throw pool parties in your backyard or just sit back and sip on a cold drink while sitting by the pool. You also enjoy plenty of low-impact exercise while soaking up some vitamin D from the sun – all without leaving your home. But every pool […]

Benefits of Using a Portable Pool Vacuum Cleaner for the Pool Owner

Featured: Luxury pool and spa setting - Benefits of Using a portable pool vacuum cleaner for the pool owner

Pools can be a sanctuary when the temperatures start to rise but can collect grime and other dirt with use. A portable pool vacuum cleaner can make cleaning much easier and ensure your pool is efficiently cleaned. Let’s explore the benefits of using a portable pool vacuum cleaner for your home pool and why The […]

What Is the Best Lightweight Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

Featured: Outdoor sparkling clean pool at facility- What Is the Best Lightweight Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

When summer starts to heat up, there’s nothing better than relaxing in your swimming pool. But as fun as it is to float on an inflatable raft or splash your friends and family, you also need to clean your pool regularly. If your pool vacuum is bulky and heavy, that process is not so fun. […]

6 Things To Consider When You Choose a Handheld Pool Vacuum

VacDaddy_Featured - OPTION 2 - 6 Things to Consider When You Choose a Handheld Pool Vacuum

Swimming in a pool is fun, but vacuuming it can be a hassle if you choose the wrong tool. Most pools need to be vacuumed around once a week, so choosing the best handheld pool vacuum is well worth your time. If you’re looking for a new portable pool vacuum, it’s essential to do some […]

How Does The VacDaddy® Compare To Other Major Vacuum Systems?


Excellent question!  As a pool service professional, acquiring effective, affordable, and easy-to-transport equipment to service your client’s pools is critical to your success. Lugging heavy, dripping equipment from job to job is tiresome, and correct me if I’m wrong, but your goal is to clean as many pools as possible per day right? On the […]