About The VacDaddyTM

The VacDaddyTM Difference

The primary benefit of the VacDaddy™ is EASE-OF-USE:

  • Lightweight and compact. At 10–12 lbs, almost any family
    member can use it.
  • Minimal assembly that is easy and intuitive. No special training is required to use. Simply plug in and vacuum.
  • Fast pool cleaning with more than twice the vacuuming power of heavy-duty commercial vacuums.
  • Eliminates the need to setup and prime a bulky hose.
  • No lifting heavy robotic vacuums and waiting hours to clean the pool. The VacDaddy™ completes the task in a fraction of the time it takes robotic pool vacuums.
  • Perfect for touch ups between weekly cleanings and to reach areas robotic vacuums can’t easily get to.

About the Innovator

Matthew D’Aguanno is a 35-year veteran of the pool service industry who has worked with hundreds of pool owners. He has long believed there should be a better way to clean your pool. Commercial vacuums require 20 minutes to setup and detailed instructions to use. Other options include weak battery vacuums or heavy robots which take hours to clean your pool. Cleaning your carpets doesn’t require all this setup and weightlifting, why should cleaning your pool? For 10 years, Matthew has devoted himself to the perfection of the VacDaddyTM Pool Vacuum System. His goal was to create a durable, light weight, powerful cleaner that is easy to use. The VacDaddy™ system will allow users to clean
their pools in less time with less effort and almost anyone in the family can use it.

The VacDaddyTM is:

POWERFUL: 55-60 GPM of water flow.
PORTABLE: Lightweight (10-12 lbs.)
CONTINUOUS POWER: 24V DC pump/motor. No batteries required.
EASY TO USE: Sets up in minutes. No training required to use.
EASY TO MAINTAIN: Re-usable VacDaddy™ flters can be cleaned in less than two minutes.
UNIVERSAL: Mounts on any standard pole and vacuum head.