The VacDaddy

The VacDaddyTM Difference

The primary benefit of The VacDaddyTM is PROFITABILITY:

  • Clean twice the pools in less time.
  • 30% to 50% increase in sales per day.
  • Maximize existing employee production.
  • Reduce the amount of bulky, heavy equipment on the job site. The VacDaddyTM is lightweight at only 10 lbs.
  • The VacDaddy™ has a powerful 24V DC electric motor and requires NO BATTERIES.
  • The VacDaddy can move water at 55-60 GPM.
  • Mounts on any standard pole and vacuum head. No need to purchase additional equipment.
About The VacDaddy

About The Innovator

Matthew D’Aguanno is a 35 year veteran of the pool service industry. Based on his extensive experience as an owner/operator of a successful pool company, Matthew has studied the process of service, production man hours, and equipment and determined there is a better way to service the industry. Over the last 10 years, he has devoted himself to the perfection of The VacDaddy™ Pool Vacuum System. His goal was to create a durable, light weight, continuous power supplied dynamic machine that is easy to setup and deploy. The VacDaddy™ system will allow users to clean more pools in less time with less effort, making it the most efficient, affordable and profitable vacuum on the market.

Matthew DAguanno

The VacDaddyTM is:

55-60 GPM of water flow.

Lightweight (10 lbs.)

24V DC motor. No batteries required.

Sets up in minutes. No training required to use.

Reusable The VacDaddy™ flters can be cleaned in less than a minute.

Mounts on any standard pole and vacuum head.

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