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6 Things To Consider When You Choose a Handheld Pool Vacuum

Swimming in a pool is fun, but vacuuming it can be a hassle if you choose the wrong tool. Most pools need to be vacuumed around once a week, so choosing the best handheld pool vacuum is well worth your time.

If you’re looking for a new portable pool vacuum, it’s essential to do some research before making your decision. Whether you’re a pool service professional looking for a commercial pool vacuum or a pool owner doing your own cleaning, you want an efficient, affordable pool vacuum that’s easy to use and operate. Let’s take a look at six things you should consider when shopping for handheld pool vacuums and why the VacDaddy is the best option available to you.  

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#1: Weight and Size

Who wants to lug a heavy, unwieldy handheld pool vacuum around? Whether you’re transporting it in a work van or storing it in a poolside shed, the last thing you need is a bulky piece of equipment taking up space. When you vacuum your carpet, you aren’t expected to be a bodybuilder. But many portable pool vacuums are heavy enough to tire your arms after just a few minutes. Also, some pool vacuums advertised as “portable” are still a pain to lug around. You might be able to stuff them in the back of a van or wheel them around. But how long will the process take, and how awkward and unwieldy will they be when you’re moving them around the pool site?

The VacDaddy is different. At only 10 pounds, it makes vacuuming your pool a piece of cake. It fits easily into your vehicle to make transport simple, too.

#2: Price

Let’s face it: pools can cost a lot to own. After all, an inground swimming pool can cost between $39,000 to 80,000 on average. The supplies and equipment needed to maintain it can also be a significant investment. But your pool vacuum doesn’t have to be overpriced! 

Some commercial pool vacuums can cost up to $4,000. That’s a lot to pay when you could get the best handheld pool vacuum available for under $1,500. Our many professional pool and spa associations reflect the quality of our product – we don’t cut corners when it comes to performance or durability to bring you a great deal. In fact, the VacDaddy is more powerful than typical commercial pool vacuums! We also stand behind our product – just because it’s affordable, doesn’t mean you can’t rely on the VacDaddy. In addition to our limited warranty, we’re also committed to personally working through any concerns our customers have.   

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#3: Convenience

Conventional wisdom says manual pool vacuums are less convenient than their automatic counterparts, although they’re usually less expensive. In many cases, they’re only compatible with specific poles or vacuum heads, which limits your options significantly. The best handheld pool vacuum combines affordability with ease of use and transport. That’s where the VacDaddy comes in. Since it attaches to a standard pole and adapts to any vac head, it’s likely interchangeable with your pool cleaning equipment.

How Does the VacDaddy Compare to Other Major Vacuum Systems? 

#4: Power Source

Most portable pool vacuums run on batteries. They’ll run for around 30 to 90 minutes, but then the batteries need to be recharged. Of course, batteries can be bulky and unwieldy. If you’re cleaning multiple pools or transporting your pool vacuum from one location to another, batteries can become inconvenient to keep up with. They can also be unreliable and costly to replace. Furthermore, if battery terminals are exposed to the elements, they may corrode or even present a fire hazard. And who wants to handle heavy, expensive batteries around an open pool?

The VacDaddy simplifies everything by running on electric current. Just plug it into a power source and start vacuuming! You may occasionally need an extension cord, but there will always be power available, and you’ll never need to wait for batteries to recharge.   

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#5: Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning out a pool vacuum filter can be difficult, messy, and time-consuming. It can also be gross – the less time you spend getting hair, leaves, dead insects, and other pool debris out of a filter, the better. Especially if you live in a windy or wooded area, you could waste a lot of time cleaning out your pool vacuum’s filter. Choosing a handheld pool vacuum that’s easy to clean will save you hours in the long run. 

The VacDaddy is designed to be cleaned in just one minute, so  you can get right back to vacuuming. Even when cleaning a pool full of leaves, you won’t spend much time emptying the canister at all. There’s also no need to waste a lot of time on assembling complicated equipment or setting up and priming a hose, so you’ll be breezing through pool cleanings like never before.

See the VacDaddy in Action on Our Videos Page.

#6: Flexibility

Why choose a pool vacuum that’s only compatible with certain pool surfaces? The VacDaddy is compatible with vacuum heads of your choosing, so you can use it on any type of inground pool surface. And you won’t have to carefully schedule your pool cleanings – with the VacDaddy, you can achieve what a robotic vacuum would take hours to do, within just a few minutes.

In addition, you have various purchasing options to suit your individual needs. Looking for just the essentials? Go with our VacDaddy Basic Bundle. Interested in extra features and equipment? You might want to opt for our Pro Bundle or Deluxe Bundle.   

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Ready to Get The Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Available?

The Vac Daddy was created by a pool service industry veteran who saw the problems with conventional handheld vacuums and found innovative solutions. He’s been perfecting the VacDaddy for over 10 years, and the results are legendary. Our revolutionary V2W (vacuum to waste) system can change the way you feel about pool maintenance for good. Ready to get started? Shop our online store today!