VacDaddy™ is the most powerful, portable pool vacuum new to the market with a continuous power supply.
VacDaddy’s continuous power eliminates dependency on batteries with limited life.
VacDaddy™ is lightweight, easy to use, powerful and requires no poolside assembly or training.

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Pre-order your VacDaddy™ today with a $100 deposit and receive a $100 credit toward the purchase of your VacDaddy™ pool vac.

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Recent News and Events

Florida Spa and Pool Show

A successful and busy pool and spa trade show season continues. At the end of February, we left the wintery weather of the northeast to attend the Everything Under the Sun Pool & Spa show in Orlando. It was another successful event and we met so many wonderful pool service professionals. When comparing VacDaddy to other commercial pool vacuums, Florida pros were impressed with how quick and maneuverable VacDaddy is. As one pro said “This suction is...
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Atlantic City Young Vacuumer

The VacDaddy is so simple that almost any member of the family can use it! On January 29-31 we set up a 12’ pool at The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City and invited pool service professionals over to prove it. The pros were amazed by the suction and people finally understood that this is NOT a wimpy battery powered unit. As you can clearly see the power cord in the video, the VacDaddy has continuous power—moving over 40...
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The VacDaddy to Attend 2019 NESPA Pool and Spa Show in AC, Jan. 29 – 31

The setting is the NESPA Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City, January 29, 2019.  There’s a new kid in town with a catchy name.  The VacDaddy! But we need to go back a few years and explain why this is such a big deal and why you may never vacuum pools the same way again. Matthew D’Aguanno, pool guy, is hauling 50 pounds of pumps and filters on the first pass from his truck to the pool he’s cleaning.  Second...
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